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Can’t Wait to See “ParaNorman”


My Princess loves monsters!  Vampires, Zombies (Mommy’s personal favourite), Witches, Wizards, you name it, she is fascinated.  It never really dawned on me how much she loved them until last year.  She was always into Dinosaurs.  She has a three-foot high dinosaur she sleeps with, a dinosaur t-shirt, an 90 piece dino set, a 2 foot long dinosaur that has to be in the shower when she is and Jurassic Park Trilogy is her all time favourite movie collection, not mention all the books on dinosaurs she has.  Loves them.  But when we were visiting her Dziadek (Polish for Grandpa) that the monster fascination finally hit home.  Dziadek was laid up in bed with a bad leg and he was watching “8 Legged Freaks” on TV.  It’s a super cheesy movie with David Arquette about spiders that have been exposed to nuclear toxins and have grown massive and take over a town.  She was glued! Unfortunately for me, Hubby had the movie and she would watch it on repeat.  I almost knew the script line by line.


The Princess’ Goosebumps Collection


After that, all types of monsters began to capture her imagination.  I am a firm believer that if your child shows an interest in something, encourage it and we did.  We bought her the “Monstrous Book of Monsters”  that teaches the reader how to notice, capture and eradicate such evil creatures.  She also has quite the collection of Goosebump Books.  At first there was some hesitation as to whether or not they would give her nightmares or frighten her, but thus far we have been without incident.  In fact, many times Hubby and I are referred to Mommy and Daddy Monster and she is Baby Monster and the imaginative game continues.  We have to hide, eat the Daddy Monster, and chase the Mommy Monster.  She enjoys these fictitious monsters and she loves reading about them.  We don’t buy her monster movies but we buy her books about them which keeps her reading, so I’m happy.


Monstrous Book of Monsters


Hubby and I had a date night last week where we went to see “Ted”.  While waiting in line, we saw a cardboard cut out for “ParaNorman“.  By the producers of Coraline, Focus Features brings “ParaNorman” to the big screen.  The premise is that a misunderstood boy named Norman helps save his town from a Zombie invasion brought on by a witches curse, using his ability to speak to the Dead.  When we saw it, we knew we had to bring the Princess.  We showed her the Official Trailer to gauge her response whether or not she would like it and her first response was “Daddy, I want to see the Zombies!”  I’m sure this movie would scare most children, but I have a little Princess who prefers scary monster movies to the Cat in the Hat.  I will be sure to post my review of it after we see it.  It’s making its international release August 17th!

Family Outings – Royal Ontario Museum


It looks as though Old Man Winter has finally hit Toronto.  While kids love the snow, sometimes its just too cold to go outside.  You don’t want your kids stuck inside the whole day, it will drive them and yourself absolutely squirrely.  I find when the weather is inhospitable for outdoor adventures, its best to find an indoor adventure, outside of your own home.  I really enjoy the Royal Ontario Museum for a day out.

It is great for both adults and children, and can be a great educational experience.  It is open on the weekends from 10 – 5:30 and admission for adults is only $15 each, students 15 – 25 is $13.50, children 4 – 14 is $12 and children under 3 are free.  Special exhibits are additional, but some are worthwhile to take a look at.  We saw the water exhibit in the summer and there were some hands on things for parents and children alike to play with.  When we choose to go the ROM, it’s only a $30 day out for the three of us.  We like to bring our own lunch to cut down on the costs.   I find their cafeteria, like most places, is overpriced.  I would also stay away from the gift shop if you want to keep the price down.  My husband bought our daughter a 2 foot high stuffed dinosaur for $40 the last time we went.  The gift cost more than the three of us to get in for the entire day.

Located in downtown Toronto, it is easily accessible by transit.  You can get off at Museum  station and it is just a short walk outside.  The entrance of the museum is architecturally stunning.  Once you have paid admission, you will enter a large room where you then decide which direction you wish to start your tour.  The entrance room is filled with dinosaur skeletons, armour, statues, paintings and an actual totem pole that seems to stretch on for the full height of the museum.

Statue in the entrance of the ROM

My daughters’ favourite part of the ROM has to be the dinosaur exhibit.  She is more excited about seeing the dinosaur skeletons than she does about seeing Santa.  We have to ensure she is holding one of our hands, because as you can see in the photo below, she loves to run to each exhibit, completely disregarding everyone else.  Excitement takes over, and all the manners and good behaviour I have tried to instill fly out the window.

Toddler on the Run!

The ROM is also very stroller and kid friendly.  There are elevators that access each floor and the hallways and aisles are wide enough for strollers.  They have a children’s part of the museum where kids can play and learn at the same time as well as socialize with other children.   It also gives Mom and Dad a well deserved rest.  Sometimes they have people dressed up like dinosaurs walking around for the kids to talk to and it makes for a great photo opportunity for children that are not afraid.  While my daughter loves Barney on TV, she was very leery of this dinosaur up close and personal.

Nervous about Baby Dinosaur

My husbands favourite part is the bat cave, albeit my least favourite (I was raised in the country, I know what its like for real bats to swoop around your head.)  Mine is the Canadian exhibit, especially the paintings during the wars.  My hubby always sighs when I ask him to go into the Canadian exhibit.  His argument; “Why do we have to look at the Canadian exhibit? We live here don’t we?”  I love learning new and interesting things about my home and native land and getting to see and touch things from generations past.  He enjoys looking at rats with wings.

Painting in the Canadian Exhibit

I strongly recommend the Royal Ontario Museum for a fun family day out.  It is relatively inexpensive and there is an exhibit for all tastes and cultures. There are things for both kids and parents, reasonable student prices, stroller and wheelchair friendly, easily accessible by transit and is open 7 days a week.