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Family Day at Woodbine Fantasy Fair


The third Monday in February, parts of Canada observes Family Day and this year we went to Woodbine Fantasy Fair.  Located at 500 Rexdale Boulevard in Etobicoke, this is Ontario’s largest indoor playground.  Since it opened in 1985, it has served over 7 million guests and has 9 full sized family rides, a 3 level play village, midway games and an arcarde.

I had been there once before for a work function and always thought what a good place it would be to take my daughter there. Going with friend’s of ours and their children, we were all ready to celebrate Family Day.  I do believe that we went on the BUSIEST day ever as everyone and their neighbour had decided to visit Woodbine Fantasy Fair that same day.  There were thousands and thousands of people and their children confined in a 1 acre space, filled with rides, cotton candy and the excited screams of kids.  We were quite lucky to have arrived as it opened as the lines were long and were ten times the length by the time we left.   We only stayed for 4 hours as the lines became so long that the tots we had with us were becoming restless and in that 4 hours, we only went on 3 rides.  By then all of us adults were ready for some Tylenol.  I think had we gone on a different day, it probably wouldn’t have been as chaotic.  I would definitely go again, but choose the day we went on better.

Here are some fun facts about Woodbine Fantasy Fair;


* has served over 7 million guests since opening in 1985

is over 1 acre in size – located on the second level inside of Woodbine Shopping Centre

* won the “Toronto’s Sun” award for best place for birthday parties

* won the 2009 Etobicoke Guardian Readers’ Choice Award for best amusement destination

* hosts & contributes to many charity events

* each original Carousel horse is worth approx. $30,000 U.S.

* Fantasy Fair Express has traveled the equivalent of driving to Florida and back – 18 times, over 55,000 miles, since 1985

*A hole had to be cut in the roof to drop the 35′ tower over the side of the building and into the park using a 100′ crane

* The Ferris Wheel is the only side loading & 2nd story loading wheel of its kind in North America and soars 50 feet into the air