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Witches Hat Cookies


Now that the Canadian Thanksgiving has come and gone and people hopefully have room in their stomachs for some treats, I have an easy Halloween Cookie treat that everyone of all ages will enjoy.  You don’t have to make the cookies yourself so I wouldn’t really call this a ‘recipe’ per say.  Anyways, they are delicious, fun and super simple.


  • Striped fudge shorbread cookies (for this to work, you need cookies that have a chocolate fudge layer on the bottom
  • Icing
  • Hershey Kisses
  • Food colouring



  1. Take the food colouring and mix in with the icing to create your favourite Halloween colours.  I used orange and green.
  2. Flip over the cookies so the fudge side is up.
  3. Unwrap the Hershey Kisses and put only a little icing on the bottom.  You only need enough to hold the kiss to the cookie and create a little coloured rim.
  4. Enjoy.
Image from modernchristianhomemaker.com

Image from modernchristianhomemaker.com

Just in Time for Halloween – Activities this Weekend in Toronto


Halloween is only a week away and while most children are prepping themselves for the sugar coma they are about to endure and parents are saving for the cavities the dentists will have to fill.  In Toronto this weekend, there are some fun family orientated activities for people of all ages to enjoy!

  1. Alligator Pie.  Soulpepper’s Production will be putting on an hour-long play for the entire family to enjoy!
  2. Boo at the Zoo.   Whether its taking part in Critters and Costume parade or walking the Pumpkin Trail, this is sure to be enjoyed by the whole family
  3. Haunted High Park.  Come here are the ghostly tales and stories in High Park this Saturday from 6:30 – 7:30.
  4. Halloween Bed Race.  On the 27th from 10 – 1, closed off Bloor St will turn into a Halloween Bed Race.  Dress up in your costume and come for some fun!
  5. Haunted Walk of Old Toronto.  Take a late night tour Old Toronto and hear all the haunting stories that Toronto has to offer!

Here are just a few, but there are many more events in Toronto happening this weekend!

The Halloween Costume Dilemma


This year is the first year that the Princess will be choosing what she wants to be for Halloween.  Her first year she was the most adorable Lady Bug and last year she was Madonna.  My friend has two boys and they went as Elvis and Tommy Lee and our musical menagerie were just too cute!  My friend made the costume with a nothing more than a body suit, fabric glitter, lace and sticky jewels.  I added the hair piece and the tell-tale beauty mark and she captured the hearts of all the people whose door she knocked on.  Frankly, I think she was more of a treat than a trick!

Now this year, the Princess has been flip-flopping between Pirates and Vampires, Zombies and Princess’ (go figure!)  Now Hubby wants her to go as a zombie, while I think she would make an adorable vampire, but the Princess can’t seem to make up her mind.  We were given a princess costume that would be very nice, however, for those of you aware of Canadian Halloween’s, the costume doesn’t quite look the same with a snow suit underneath.  What was once a cute princess costume quickly turns into the Pilsbury Dough Boy.  I remember my mother always picking out our costumes and we always looked like pudgy versions of what we were going as.  One year I went as Xena the Warrior Princess and with my snow suit underneath, I was Xena the buffet Princess.  Just not a good look.  Oh the dilemma!

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October is orange and red and brown.

See the leaves all tumble down!

Rake them up into piles so high

You can jump in them, and flop, and lie.

Now the farmer harvests his hay.

The barn is filled.  And everyday is growing shorter.

We have to wait the whole long month for

Spooky Hallowe’en.

What are you going to be? A ghost? A witch?

Or a queen?

Image from advicefortweens.com

By Richard Scarry

Fun Fall Things to Do In Toronto with the Kids!


Autumn by far is my favourite seasons.  Not only is the temperature ideal for me, but the leaves are beautiful and there are 2 holidays in one month; Thanksgiving and Halloween!  Food, family and candy, yes please!  There are lots of things to do that are available for families to do in Toronto and the GTA and here are just a few.

  1. Pumpkin Patches.  Despite being a large city, the GTA is not without farms and many of them have fall activities for friends and family alike.  Here are just a few; Forsythe Family Farm, Southbrook Farms Pumpkin Patch, and Whittamore’s Farm (we took the Princess here when she was 1 and had a great time!)
  2. Hiking.  With the leaves turning beautiful shades of reds and oranges, why not go for a family hike and see all that the Greater Toronto Area has to offer in terms of hiking paths!
  3. Apple Picking.  Apples are in season now and children will love picking the very best of them!  Check out Chudleigh’s FarmsWillis Family Fruit Farms,  and The Big’r Apple Farm.
  4. Pioneer Festival at Black Creek.  Located in Toronto, this festival showcases delicious food, homemade quilts and horse-drawn wagons.
  5. Pumpkinland and Harvest Festival.   Daily throughout October Whittamore’s Farm is hosting Pumpkinland and Harvest festival.  There is wagonrides, a two-storey tree fort, corn maze, a spooky forest and a pumpkin cannon show.  Fun for adults and children alike.
  6. Woodbridge Fair.  This weekend at the Woodbridge fairgrounds, they are celebrating their 165th anniversary with the theme Harvesting History.  There will be a demolition derby, rides and food.
  7. Halloween Overnighter.  The Ontario Science Centre is having a sleepover so bring your sleeping bag and costume.  There you will be able to do workshops on Pumpkin Science, Creatures of the Night, Slime Time and Creepy Crawly Bugs.
  8. Tasty Tours.  With Halloween happening this month, why not take a tour of Toronto’s sweet side.
  9. Haunted Walk of Old Toronto.  Take a late night tour Old Toronto and hear all the haunting stories that Toronto has to offer!

Hubby and Princess at Whittamore’s Farm

Five Things I want to Achieve this October


Like August and September, I have compiled a list of things I would like to do this month.  Nothing special, just something to propel myself forward.  So for September, here are my five.

  1. Watch 5 horror films
  2. Prepare the Princess’ Halloween Costume
  3. Do Thanksgiving and Halloween Crafts with the Princess
  4. Take a Fall walk and see all the lovely leaves  changing colours
  5. Make my own candy