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Happily Married Week


This week is Happily Married Week.  So if your spouse is still your best friend, works extremely hard, has been with you through triumphs and tragedies, who loves you when you are at your worst, and at your best, through the days and the nights, then this week is for you.

While my hubby and I are not “officially” married, he is all the things listed above.  It will be 6 years this November and while there has been some bad times, there have been more good.

Me and my Hubby

We met at a party during my first year at university, and the moment he walked in the door, my heart pounded so hard, I thought  it was going to pop out my very chest.  No one, and I mean no one, has ever made me feel like that.  I told myself that he would be mine one day.  It was by fluke that we even met that night.  He didn’t go to my school, was down visiting a mutual friend and almost didn’t come.  We had a great time for those 3 days, but when it was time for him to leave, neither of us got each other’s contact information.     I spent the rest of my summer thinking I let him go and I had missed my chance.  By the next fall, I was living with our mutual friend and another girl.  My friend came down to my room and told me it was his birthday and I should call him.  I thought to myself “would he even remember me?” So I did it, I called him and left him a message on his phone wishing him a happy birthday.  It was three days later when I got a text message from him.  After we started speaking, it came out that he thought about me all summer and wished he had got my number too.  We talked everyday and as he lived in Toronto and I was in Ottawa, a 5 hour distance between us, we didn’t know if long distance would work.  I mean, we only had ever seen each other for 3 days.  But we gave it a chance, and 6 years later, we have  a daughter and are living our lives together.  Now I’m not one to believe in fate, but something drew us together that weekend and we have enjoyed every day since!

What is more surprising is that we are  complete opposites in almost every way.  He is a city boy, I am a country girl.  He loves the cold, I love the heat.  He’s a conservative and I’m a socialist.  He is the strong silent type, I’m a chatty Cathy that wears my heart on my sleeve.  He’s a morning person, and I am a night owl.  He enjoys hockey, and I love discussing the prose of Lord Byron.  I’ve been to Europe and the United States, he’s never left Ontario.  But somehow we make it work.  Perhaps it’s that we both love to debate and given the amount of differences we have, it draws us together. Or maybe there is something behind the adage of “Opposites Attract” but  I can say he is my best friend and I couldn’t imagine my life with anyone else.  I hope that we will be like one of those old couples that die at a ripe old age and on the same day, and are holding hands into the hereafter!