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July begins with a boom!

Sometimes it’s thunder,

With lightning in the sky.

Sometimes it’s the rummy-tum-tum

Of a drummer marching by.

You can get dressed up and carry flags,

And play in your very own band.

And now is the time to make cold drinks

To sell at your lemonade stand.

At night, if you see a star fall, swiish!

Be sure to make a lovely wish.


By Patricia Scarry




June – and school is over soon!

Then all we’ll do each day

Is play and play – hooray!

Summer arrives June 21st – the longest day of the year.

We’ll laze on the grass and listen, and hear:

Bees buzzing!  Hummingbirds whirring!  Worms wiggling!

June is laughing, golden, giggling!

Today I’ll visit the book and di in my toes.

I’ll perch at the edge, and hope a butterfly lands on

My nose.

By Patricia Scarry




May – and it’s time to play outdoors again.

The worlds is filled with flowers.

On lawns and hills and window sills

Are sunny, saucy daffodils!

And everywhere I hear the sound of little things

Bravely trying out new wings.

Ducks are quacky, turtles snappy,

I think my heard will not be still

’til I roll down a grassy hill.

By Patricia Scarry




April is fun!  The very first day is April Fool’s,

A day for playing jokes.

All month long the weather teases.

Now it’s warm, then oops! the sneezes!

Take off your boots and it will shower:

Then the sun shines for an hour.

Robins are nesting, puddles are skiddy, violets pop!

No wonder April’s gay and funny –

You know who’s coming? The Easter Bunny!

By Patricia Scarry




By Patricia Scarry

March is gusty, muddy, blustery.  This is the month

For flying kites, roller-skating, rattly nights.

Wear something green on St Patrick’s Day.

Robins sing, “Spring is on the way!”

And bears wake up from their winter’s sleep.




By Patricia Scarry

January starts the brand-new year with snow for sledding,

skiing, snowmen.  There are icy ponds for skating on.

Mittens drip,

And there’s cocoa to sip.

This month there’s a nice thing to do:

Throw crumbs to the birds! They’re hungry too!