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Our Sunday Routine


Of all the days in the week, Sunday is our relaxing day.  We very rarely plan anything to do but stay in a spend quality time as a family.  Between work, school and extracurriculars, the week can get crazy, with Saturday left for errands, the big clean and going out.  But Sunday is family day.

We usually start our day with a big breakfast.  Whether its bacon and eggs, or pancakes and peamale, or my favourite, BLT’s, breakfast is a big deal on Sundays.  After that its pretty easy-going.  We usually stay in our pj’s for a majority of the day.  Hubby likes to take this day to makes his soups and sauces, but today he is making Patyczki and Kapusta, delicious Polish dishes that I ate for the first time while visiting his grandparents when we first started dating.  When he is in the kitchen, that means that Princess and I are either at the park, watching a movie or doing crafts.  Today, it was crafts.  While I made Christmas cards, the Princess made her herd of dinosaurs.

So on Sunday’s, what does your family do?