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Catching Up


Sorry I’ve been MIA lately.  A few weeks ago my computer broke so I wasn’t able to post anything.  But that doesn’t mean lots of fun things haven’t happened in the meantime.

First of all, I will announce the winners of the Toronto Fall Home Show contest.  2 of my Twitter followers @JubleeW and @40somethngbride each won 2 tickets to go visit the Toronto Fall Home Show this passed weekend.  I hope they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

My children are growing up so fast it is scary.  The Princess is now in Senior Kindergarten and we’ve already been to birthday parties galore and they were switched into a bigger classroom due to an addition of 14 new students.  There was originally 3 JK/SK classes but they got amalgamated into 2, going from 15 kids in one class to a whopping 29.  The parent reps threw a “Healthy Breakfast Party” where all the parents and children got to come to school early and have breakfast together and see the new classroom.   She is loving school, and making new friends.  This morning however she had a bit of a breakdown.  I had just finished dropping her off, and was turning around to go for my morning walk with the Rainbow when I heard my little girl screeching and crying.

“Moommmmmyyyy,” she wailed, tears running down her face. “I want to stay home with you.”

“Oh Honey, I know you do but you have to go to school and learn.”

“But I want to come home with you! I love you so much.”

“I love you too Boo Boo.”

I walked her back to the door and her teacher complimented her outfit and that was all it took for her for her to go in the school.  Typical girl.

Our Rainbow is doing really well too.  He is now 3 months and weighing in at 17.1 lbs.  He had his first laugh a few weeks ago and has recently discovered his toes and ears.  He is also moving around.  I’ll put him down for a nap in one position and he has somehow turned himself into a completely different one.  This morning while he was playing on his play mat, I walked into the other room to get the Princess dressed for school and when I came back, he had twisted himself up into some acrobatic move with his legs in the air.  I feel like it won’t be too much longer before he is crawling if not running around my house keeping me on my toes.

Lastly, we attended a friend’s wedding in Quebec and both kids had a great time getting dressed up, riding a train and staying in a hotel.  Hubby and I however determined that for the next wedding, maybe it would be best to leave the kids with a sitter.  I never thought how difficult it would be to get 4 people dressed and convince the two youngest to stay clean.

My Lovely Weekend Away


I was very fortunate to have been able to get away for the weekend to go visit a girlfriend in Ottawa.  We have been friends for the last 12 years and no matter how much time passes between our visits, it is like no time has passed at all.  Her main squeeze is in the Canadian Military and has been away all summer, so I thought I would go a visit her and we could have another one of our random adventures.  It would be a short trip, having left Saturday morning and home Sunday night, but it was a thoroughly enjoyed one.

After being friends with someone for 12 years, they have pretty much seen you at your worst and at your best.  And my friend has seen both.  We first met in grade nine, and then played rugby together, had classes together, went to the same university and even worked together.  In my third year of university, I moved in with her.  That had to have been one of the best years of my life.  We had a place that we shared with two other girls, partied whenever we wanted and even made a weekly get together of what we called The Tuesday Night Meeting of the Walking Vagina Club.  The basement was turned into a bar and we would mix random concoctions of liqueurs and drinks and dare each other to drink them.  Sometimes it would be whiskey and vodka, Sourpuss, Bols Blue and Creme d’Menthe, making up names for them as we went along.  We would go to the movies and even on one of our Random Adventures.  Her and I could always get in a car and not know the destination.  The real journey was in the drive itself.  We stole pumpkins out of a pumpkin patch, drove into Quebec to make our own beer, went to concerts, and even a Senator’s hockey game where my infamous line was “Hold my shoe.”  For St Patty’s Day, she would tirelessly make t-shirts for “Beer Quest” and we would stumble aimlessly through the Ottawa Market.

We refer to each other as our “Other Ovary.”  She even threw me a baby shower and one of the games was Pin the Sperm on the Egg.  She and my other girlfriends painted a HUGE poster of my Uterus and hung it on the back of a deck, clearly visible to the passing drivers.  She was the first person I told when I was pregnant both times and when I had my miscarriage last year, she drove 5 hours the next day to spend a couple of days with me at home.  She watched over the Princess, did my dishes and even brought me Beef Jerky (I love beef jerky).  She hugged me and let me cry and was the very best friend anyone could ever ask for.

Last year, Hubby told me he wanted to take me out on a date.  I thought this was weird because it was way out in the East end of the city.  He even went to all the trouble to make sure Princess stayed with Grandma and Grandpa.  My spider senses were tingling.  the girls at work were telling me he was going to give me jewellery.  I didn’t think so but he had something up his sleeve.  We finally got to the area of the restaurant but he told me he wanted to take me shopping.  First of all, he never likes taking me shopping so I knew something was up.  After some time, he finally said we could go to the restaurant and when I went to sit on the bottom level, he said “No, upstairs.” I was thinking to myself “What the heck?”  I was running over what he was planning and when I turned the corner, there she was sitting in the booth.  That was better than any diamond ring he could ever have bought.

I was so happy to see her.  We went for lunch and then we went back to her place, but first stopping at the LCBO for some Dionysian beverages for later.  She told me she had a surprise adventure for me later.   We had plans to go out for dinner to our favourite Fajita place but she said she needed to take me somewhere first.  She handed me a pair of socks.  What do I need socks for?  She smiled and told me to get in the car.  After some time, we were driving into Quebec and we pull into the parking lot of a leather shop.  Firstly, I was like “Why are you taking me here?  Is this some Fifty Shades thing?” She laughed and said no.  We went in and there was a lower level with some gates.  Behind it were helmets.  “Are you taking me to ride motorcycles?” She shook her head.  We got to the back of the store and there it was…a wall of the finest cowboy boots I had ever seen.  We had both always said we wanted cowboy boots and she had taken me to get some.  I didn’t buy any as I didn’t budget for leather on my trip, but the fact that she took the time to take me there was good enough for me.  We drove to another part in Ottawa to a place called the Butchery for some real authentic beef jerky.  Mmm.  We went to dinner and then I asked her “Have you seen Magic Mike?” She smiled and said “No, but I hoped we could tonight.”  We went and both agreed that only with each other would we see that movie.  We left red-faced and giggling like silly school girls.  Once we arrived back at her place, the drinking commenced.  She whipped out her blender and the concoctions of the past were in full swing.

She is one of the most genuine, uber chill, down to earth, funny, cool, witty person I have ever met in my life.  Her and I have never argued and can and do say anything, and I mean anything, that comes to our minds.  She is my best friend and I hope that our Random Adventures continue well into our 80’s.

Hubby and the Princess enjoyed their weekend together making cupcakes and having their own slumber party in the living room.  I hugged them tightly when I got home and asked my Hubby “Would you ever wear skimpy underwear and dance to ‘It’s Raining Men?”  He shook his head and walked away laughing.