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Reading Series – The Hatchet by Gary Paulsen


50I first read ‘The Hatchet’ by Gary Paulsen when I was in grade school.  It was first published in 1987, and since then has been a classroom staple in the years following.  A story of survival, young Brian weathers the wilderness for 54 days after his plane crashes.  In his time there, he deals with how to survive, the death of the pilot and all the troubles in his home life. This is the first in a 5-book series and is definitely worth a read, especially if you have school aged children.

Reading Series – Green Eggs & Ham


I think it would be very safe to assume that almost everyone at one point or another has read a book by Dr. Seuss.  I have and my daughter has quite the collection on her shelf.  One of her favourites is “Green Eggs & Ham.”
First published in 1960, ‘Green Eggs & Ham’  “was the 4th best-selling English language children’s book of all time.”  A part of the ‘Beginner’s Books’, this book has only 50 different words and simple vocabulary for children learning how to read.  It was a bet stemming between Dr. Seuss and his publisher that resulted in so few different words.  His publisher didn’t think he could write a book using that small amount of words.  Teacher’s and children have been reading this book since it’s publication and has been a class favourite ever since.

Reading Series – That Yucky Love Thing by Michael Catchpool


6611807Everyone is in love. Yuck. Double Yuck!  In “That Yucky Love Thing” by Michael Catchpool, a young boy is utterly disgusted by all the lovey dovey people in his life with all their kissing and holding hands.  Yuck.  So he leaves, but in his travels he only finds animals expressing their love. Double Yuck.  He then finds an abandoned Island where he gets to do all the awesome things he wants to do but soon comes to find a young girl living there as well.  Not so yucky.  This book is really funny as you can picture young children having the exact same reaction in real life.  The illustrations are quite good and I think that this would be a book good for young boys, but my Princess loves it too.  Come read about “That Yucky Love Thing.”


*I was not paid for this review and I purchased the book myself*

Reading, Books and So Much More!


Numerous studies have been done on the benefits of reading and children’s success in school.  Reading to children can help their ability to speak properly using correct grammar, can give them knowledge about things they didn’t otherwise wouldn’t know about, creates social skills by allowing them to talk about a book and what they thought, it enhances hand and eye coordination and not to mention it’s just fun!  So to celebrate going back to school, for the month of September, I will be posting some of my favourite children’s books, ranging from baby to early readers to pre-teens.  I hope that you will all suggest some of your and your children’s favourites.  Also, if you are an author of children literature, feel free to message me about having your books featured!

Dear Fear & Judgement


What a powerful post!

I came to the book Holes in my elementary school library.  It was stuffed into a corner section, on a shelf just above the bean bag back and half covered by a Dr. Suess “Read” poster.  The cover of Holes was wrapped in plastic like a small gift that you open by folding one end over into your palm and scanning the contents.  I wasn’t looking for curse words just yet, that wouldn’t come until seventh grade when I was kicked out of the lunch table for being too much of something.  Too much of a nerd, too much of a girl who didn’t feel like cheerleading.  Too much into dissecting a frot and too much into laughing.  Too much into not caring how much these things mattered.

I was looking for a book because the Scholastic Book Fair had passed and I spent all of my money on a…

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For the Love of Reading


We’ve been having our share of up’s and down’s with school, but Princess had a great day today.  When I picked her up, I asked her how her day was.  She had the biggest grin on her face and triumphantly told me that she had reading buddies today.  Once a week, a grade 4 student comes to her class and they are paired up and read to the Kindergarten students.  With all the stuff that has been going on, I can’t express how overjoyed I am that she has found something that makes her happy.

Since the Princess was a baby, I have been reading to her.  She has a collection of books and I read to her every night.  Her tastes vary.  Some nights she wants Goosebumps or Harry Potter, Goodnight Moon or Dr. Seuss.  I am an avid reader myself.  The multi-sensory experience of it gives me immense pleasure and I am glad that the Princess is finding joy in it too.  I’m sure that Princess will read books that I think are literary garbage but as long as she is reading than I cannot complain.  My mom always read true crime novels and I prefered the literary classics such as Byron and Shakespeare.  I am varying my tastes a bit and reading books I maybe would not have read before.  I hope that the Princess’ joy of reading continues as the benefits of reading are tremendous and here are just a few of them.

  1. A stronger relationship between the reader and the person being read to.
  2. Academic excellence.
  3. Basic speech skills
  4. The basics of how to read a book.
  5. Better communication skills.
  6. Mastery of language.
  7. More logical thinking skills.
  8. Acclamation to new experiences.
  9. Enhanced concentration and discipline.
  10. That reading is fun and can take you to places and meet people you would not meet in the real world!

August Goal List Revisited!


I had posted earlier that I set five goals for myself to accomplish for August and out of the five, I accomplished four. I set these goals to propel myself forward and not get the feeling of being stagnant but if for some reason a month I don’t accomplish what I set, I won’t beat myself up.  Life sometimes gets in the way.

  1. Create a Back-to-School Wreath.   I did make this wreath and it hangs on my front door.  I saw this on Pinterest and wanted to really celebrate Princess’ first day of school.  This was my first big craft so to speak and it didn’t turn out too bad.  I must have caught the crafting bug because I’m now planning out more crafts.
  2. Lose 5 lbs.  I definitely thought this was the one that I would fail at, but I was able to lose it, next goal is to keep it off.
  3. Read 4 books by the end of the month.  I knew hands down I would finish this one.  I love reading and my goal for the year is to read 30 books, and so far I’ve read 28 so I think I’m well on my way.  The books I read were “Fifty Shades Freed” by EL James, “The Gods of Gotham” by Lyndsay Faye, “Cryer’s Cross” by Lisa McMann, and “Fifty Shades of Louisa May” by LM Anonymous, which I won in a first reads giveaway by Goodreads.  My favourite was “Gods of Gotham” and my least favourite was a two-way tie between “Cryer’s Cross” and “Fifty Shades Freed.”
  4. Knit a Scarf.  Alas, this is where I failed.  Between vacation, life and chasing a 3-year-old, I just couldn’t find the time.
  5. Join an extracurricular.  I have started meditating and crafting this month and it has surprised me just how much joy and relief I have been able to gain from these two things.