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Yarn Letters


I have been in the process of redecorating the Princess’ bedroom from the boring and simple baby room to a room for a school girl.  I had Hubby paint the room a nice shade of green, hang up her turtles and lizards that her Grandma and Grandpa had bought her on their many trips and even refurbished her dressers.  There is still a little bit left to do, but mainly fine little details here and there.

In her old room, the colour scheme was cream, forest green and a very soft pink.  Pretty cutesy for a baby, but it doesn’t match her personality now.  Her Grandma had painted wooden letters that spelled her name to match the colour scheme and they hung over her crib.  When we moved her into the bigger room and started painting a more vibrant colour palette, I wanted to keep the letters, but have them match her room now.  I wanted to add a bit of texture so that’s when it hit me, use yarn!

I had a ball of yarn that matches the colours in her room pretty well and I began to wrap the letters with it.  It didn’t take me long and the only hiccup was a small burn from the glue gun.  But all in all, they turned out nice and I think they look wonderful hung in her room.