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What a Week!


What a week it has been and this is my first post in 10 days so I guess I’d better explain my absence.

After a visitor-filled weekend to celebrate my birthday, my sister noticed a lump on my daughters’ shoulder.  I asked my daughter to come here and there was a large bony lump on her shoulder.  I gasped loudly which made my daughter start to cry.  Me and weird lumps don’t mix well.  I was trying to think of any injuries that could have caused the lump.  Then I remembered that 6 weeks prior, she had fallen and hurt her arm badly.  We had taken her to the hospital where they proceeded to say that it was nothing more than soft tissue damage and sent us on our way without so much as a Xray.  We took her back to the same hospital and it turns out that her clavical was actually broken and had healed on its own.

So with trips to the hospital, work has been insane.  Our General Manager is taking a very well deserved sabbatical, leaving a managerial vacuum to be filled.  On top of that, we have installed a new software that we were trying to work out all the kinks. Needless to say, whenever new changes come, people are bound to react and so with the learning curve of a new software, working 6 very long days in a row and having a co-worker (and very good friend) leaving to fly across the world, it has been the most stressful week ever.  Now I am fighting off the flu, oh the joys!

So while I have neglected my blogging, I am back and you will see many posts from me.