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To The Beach


To The Beach


We are going to the beach,
to the Beach, to the beach,
We are going to the beach,
in our bathing suits.
We will find there rocks and shells,
Rocks and shells, Rocks and Shells.
We will find there rocks and shells,
to gather by the water.
We will build a sand castle,
Sand castle, sand castle,
we will build a sand castle,
with bridges and a tower.
We will have a picnic too,
picnic too, picnic too,
We will have a picnic too,
With Sandwiches and oranges.
Home we head with Sunburned Cheeks,
Sunburned Cheeks, Sunburned Cheeks,
Home we head with sunburned Cheeks,
and treasures from our visit.

image c/o cafeshoppes.org-

image c/o cafeshoppes.org-

Sung to “London Bridge”

Song from PreschoolEducation.com

Easter Bunny


Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny’s feet,
Go hop, hop, hop.
While his big pink ears,
Go flop, flop, flop.
He is rushing on his way,
To bring our eggs on Easter Day.
With a hop, flop, hop, flop, hop.

Image c/o gilbert-news-blog.dailyprss.com

Image c/o gilbert-news-blog.dailyprss.com


Poem from rhymeslyrics.blogspot.ca




April is fun!¬† The very first day is April Fool’s,

A day for playing jokes.

All month long the weather teases.

Now it’s warm, then oops! the sneezes!

Take off your boots and it will shower:

Then the sun shines for an hour.

Robins are nesting, puddles are skiddy, violets pop!

No wonder April’s gay and funny –

You know who’s coming? The Easter Bunny!

By Patricia Scarry

Valentine Hearts


Valentine Hearts

Hearts on the mailbox,

Hearts on the door,

Hearts on the window,

Hearts on the floor.

Hearts on the cake,

Hearts on the box,

Hearts on the shoes,

Hearts on the socks.

Hearts on the table,

Hearts on the chair,

Hearts on the wall,

Hearts everywhere.

Let It Snow Tomorrow



Let it snow tomorrow,

I hope it’s very deep.

Just let it snow and snow and snow,

When I am fast asleep.

Every place has a brand-new-face,

That’s all dressed up in white.

Then I’ll climb the mountainside,

And with my sledge have a million rides!

So let it snow on Monday, Tuesday,

Wednesday, Thursday,

On Friday let it snow and don’t miss

Saturday and Sunday.

My secret wish is simply this,

Just let it snow tomorrow.

Let is snow tomorrow

Let it snow tomorrow just for me!

By Webalice