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Toronto Flood


Sorry I’ve been MIA the last few days, however Hubby, Princess, Rainbow and I all got stuck in the Toronto Flooding and were without power for over 24 hours.  In a single storm, Toronto received 126 mm, or close to 5 inches of rain, the most ever.  When the power first went off, we thought maybe a few hours at the most, but by the next day, the power station that ran our area was still submerged under water and our building was quickly losing water pressure.  So with intense heat, no power and limited water, we were off to my in-laws to wait it out.  And thank goodness, the temperature in our home was not safe for my babes.

It felt good to finally get into cool air and shower.  We slept peacefully and got in some good visiting time.  The bad news was that we lost all our food in our fridge and freezer, which we had stocked up prior.  Can’t tell you how much it bummed me out to throw out my Broccoli & Cheddar soup I had prepared before our Rainbow arrived and over 30 oz of expressed breast milk.

Things are finally back to normal, the restocking of the fridge and freezer has begun and I am seriously contemplating stocking up on survival necessities.  Nothing like surviving on pop tarts and dry food to make you realize how much you rely on energy.