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My First 5K Run!


I ran my first ever 5K race yesterday!  I had gotten it in my head back in March that I was just going to train for a race.  And I did.  I will admit there was a short period when I slacked a little bit but nonetheless, I got back onto the training and completed my first race.  The race was during the Toronto Ribfest for a cause to raise awareness for teen suicide called Cameron Helps.

I had someone very close to me commit suicide and I can tell you it leaves you in a constant state of shock.  It’s been 7 years and there are still times when I stop and ask myself if maybe I had gone to see them more often or told them how much they meant to me or what they had done in their life was tremendous that maybe they wouldn’t have done it.  While the person wasn’t a teen, when I found this run, I knew it had to be my first.  This is a cause that is very close to my heart.  No matter how crappy life gets, no one should feel like their only option is death.

Number 16!

I have never ran a race before this one, let alone gone to watch one.  So I really didn’t know in terms of how to register and where to meet and what you had to bring was all new to me.  I actually got lost getting to the stadium to pick up my race kit.  I finally found it and then once I had put on my racing shirt and number, I began to stretch and mentally prepare myself for it.  I was nervous!  I wanted to do this run without a buddy or anyone I knew, I wanted to say that I did this myself.  Hubby and the Princess arrived about 10 minutes before the race was set to begin and my little one was so excited that I was going to run a race she wanted to run with me.  I gave them kisses and lined up to start.  The best feeling when I started running was seeing and listening to my little girl screaming at the top of her lungs, with her arms raised in the air “Go Mommy Go!  Go Mommy Go!  I started to choke up.

The course was set through Etobicoke’s Centennial Park and while I trained in the early morning and late night, I was not prepared for the 38 degree weather that happened that day.  Thankfully there were plenty of water stations along the route.   When I got to the halfway mark, that was when it hit me that everything I worked for was almost accomplished.  But when I saw that 4K marker, I kept telling myself to push through it, that I was almost there.  Then I saw the Princess running up the side of the course, still screaming “Go Mommy go, Go Mommy go!”  I had the biggest smile on my face and when I ran across that finish line with people giving me high fives, I was elated.  I even beat my time, which made the run even better.  They put the medal around my neck and I hugged my special family.  I did it!  It was one of the best feeling’s I’ve ever had.  I am definitely planning on running more races, but this one is special.  I dedicate this run to that person I lost 7 years ago.  You are still in my heart and thoughts.


The Ramblings of a Married Couple


Sometimes Hubby and I have conversations that make me laugh when I think about them later on.  It’s mainly because the sheer nonsense and redundancy of the conversation.  For example here is one we had today;


“Are you making dinner tonight?” hubby asks.

“Yes,”  I answer. “Are we going to Ribfest tomorrow after my run?”

“I don’t really want to.  I think it starts around 11 and it’s going to be hot has hell.  And it’s going to be expensive.”

“Ok, I’ll just take Princess myself even if it’s just to go on rides.  I refuse to stay in for another long weekend.”

Hubby is shocked. “So what? I am to bring her and watch until your done then just go home by myself?”

“Well you don’t want to go, I do.  What other solution is there?”  I was confused by his shock.  He said he doesn’t want to go, so I say that he doesn’t have to and now he’s upset.  Confusing at first, but hilarious now.  “Listen, I don’t want to stay long, but I want her to go on some rides, maybe eat some ribs and cotton candy and then head home.”

“Ok.  I just don’t want to stand in the sun all day,” he sighs.  “And just so you know, it’s going to be hot as (insert expletive).”

“Ok thanks!  Oh and by the way, I wanna do glow-in-the-dark bubbles with the Princess.”

And as quickly as the battle for plans began, it ended with glow-in-the-dark bubbles.  That is how most of our arguments go, however sometimes they are solved with Rock, Paper, Scissors and I’m being serious.  It’s fair, up to fate and always best two out of three!


Things to do in Toronto for Canada Day


One of the perks of living in a major city is that there is always lots of fun-filled things to do with the family, especially on a long weekend.  Here are just a few things that you and the family can enjoy this Canada Day!

  1. Toronto Ribfest.   A personal favourite of mine, this combines two of my choice pastimes; eating and carnival rides.  With a selection of 16 rib vendors, live music, shopping, fireworks, carnival rides & games, this is sure to be great time for the whole family.  Running from the 29th to the 2nd, from 11 am – 11 pm, its sure to be a good time!
  2. Canada Day Celebrations at Woofjocks.  If you are a dog lover, than this is for you.  Located at The Pet Discovery Centre at 245 Queen’s Quay West where there will be demo’s of canine sports.  Best of all, admission is free!
  3. Canada Day at Queen’s Park.   A tradition dating back to 1967, celebrating Canada Day at Queen’s Park kicks off on July 1st at noon with the 21-Gun salute.  Food, entertainment, ride and activities for kids, youth and adults!
  4. Canada Day at Fort York.  Come celebrate Canada Day and the bicentennial of the War of 1812.  There are fun activities for the kids, like singing and dancing with songs from the 1812, writing letters to the children of 2212, scavenger hunts and crafts.  From 10 – 5 on July 1st at the Fort York National Historic Site.  Admission is free.
  5. Canada Day at High Park.  From 12 – 4:30, learn all there is to learn about Canada Day, The War of 1812 and the founding of High Park itself.  Admission is free.
  6. The Red, White & Vinyl Festival.  Vinyl 95.3 is hosting the third annual Red, White & Vinyl festival at Woodbine Park.  With all-Canadian line up, Family Fun Zone, Disco Party and the fireworks from Ashbridges Bay, rain or shine, this event is sure to go out with a bang!
  7. Canada Day Sweet’s Tour. Take a stroll in the Kensington Market for a Canadian Culinary tasty tour where you can sample our national sweet treats like butter tarts and maple syrup!  With a guided tour, samples and sweets, how can you go wrong!
  8. For a full list of events, check out Toronto4Kids.com.


Image from fitnesseast.ca