September Goal List Revisited!


Here we go again!  Every month I create a list of things I would like to achieve and here are my September goals.

  1. Create a fertility diet and exercise plan.  I did fairly well with this goal.  I cut back on my pop consumption and tried to work out as much as I could.  I ended up getting the flu and then Princess got sick, but I am back on track and I am seeing some results.
  2. Drink a litre of water every day.  This one was so-so.  Some days I would drink up to 2 litres and other days none at all.  I will say when I would drink lots of water, I found that my skin was clearer and I felt more energized.  Perhaps this was from cutting back on pop, but I’m sure that the water really helped too.
  3. Try 3 new recipes.  This I was able to do.  I made a new dessert recipe and two meal recipes.  Delicious!
  4. Create a wall of inspiration.  I didn’t get the chance to do this as I will admit I felt pretty uninspired this month.  From things with Princess at school and illness, I just didn’t get around to it.
  5. Create a swear jar and cut back on my swears.  I created a swear jar and the beginning started off pretty rough.  I think swearing becomes more of a habit but once I caught myself I noticed that my swears happened a lot less.  And in the off-chance I did, I got more creative.  “Shut the Front Door” “Fudge” replaced some expletives and I used some older words like balderdash, malarkey and codswallop instead just to make things more interesting.

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